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Daily routine cards for kids.

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Empower your child to own their daily routine.


These daily routine cards aim to improve your child’s routine and get you all out of the house on time, with your child empowered by their new found sense of control.

Kids will love having ownership of what they
are doing for the day, and parents can enjoy
watching their children complete tasks
(without the nagging).

Go and grab yourself a pack from the shop!
Trust me you won't look back. 

Who are they for?

Strong minded children who want it ‘THEIR’ way!

Busy parents who struggle to get their kids ready without a battle.

Institutions who want to help children with routines.

Children with autism, who would benefit from seeing their timetables displayed in a visual way. 

Parents who want to empower their children.  Give their kids ownership, control and prepare them for the future.

Buy them a pack and make them happy :)


Let them in on the plan.

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Why they work?

These cards were designed as an antidote to the morning battles of getting ready for school.  Tried and tested with (and by) my daughter, they have changed our routines for the better.

Use the cards for your routines in the morning, after school, bedtime, at the weekend or even on holiday. The routine cards create security for your child, "knowing what is expected cuts down on the parent struggles" says Jodi Mindell child psychologist.

These cards will empower the kids and help the parents get their children out the door with smiles all round.  You never know, they
may even surprise you by doing the next activity without any nagging!

It’s really exciting to be sharing our design, I hope it helps and brings positive changes.

Do let us know how you’re getting on by tagging us on Instagram @routine_for_kids.
Remember sharing is caring!

Please read my blog as to how these cards came about

Prepare them for the future.

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The thriving child by dr william stixrud & ned johnson

Perceived control - the confidence that we can direct the course of our life through our own effects - is associated with better physical health, less use of drugs and alcohol, and greater longevity, as well as with lower stress, positive emotional well-being, greater internal motivation and ability to control's one behaviour, improved academic performance, and enhanced career success. Like exercise and sleep, it appears to be good for virtually everything, presumably because it represents a deep human need. The Thriving Child pp12

"Knowing what is expected cuts down on parenting struggles"

says Jodi Mindell, child psychologist.


Founder and designer.

Hi I'm Carla (also known as La). I illustrated and created these cards, because I really believe that giving children a sense of ownership makes them happy. It's made our family happier and I hope it makes yours too! 

We welcome more little grubby mitts to use our Routine for kids’ cards. We love them and we hope you do too.  Go on ... grab a pack! 


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The user experience team.

Here is the little lady that inspired the creation of the cards. In her words "I love them because they are nice!!". Here is a video of her using them.