How to use your daily routine cards.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 20.05.20.png

1. Choose a time of day/week you want the
routine to cover, i.e morning, after school, weekend or holidays. Then select the cards that are relevant for that time. 

2. Explain to your child that the yellow cards are yours and you decide where these go.  All the other colours are theirs to place within the routine.

3. Now start to put the routine in order.  
Either sit together or let them do it independently. *Remember the more they do on their own, the greater the responsibility, which ultimately creates brighter, more confident and happier children!

4.Use your yellow cards for completed tasks.
This is the parent’s leverage!

5. Agree the order together and leave it where everyone can easily see it. We have ours strung up in the kitchen, using mini pegs and string. 

6. A linear line for the cards works best, as they can
easily see what’s gone before and what’s next. 

Check out this Youtube clip below to see them in use. 

7. If they start to loose interest in their designed routine, get them to redesign it. Putting tasks in different orders will refresh their enthusiasm.

8. Don’t worry if things don’t get done in order,  routine cards are just a fun way to visualise a to-do list.

9. We also use them on the fly in situations where there are power struggles. Sometimes it's just a decision that needs to be made between two cards, like "do you want to do your homework or reading first?" or "brush your teeth or PJs on?". They can be used for quick resolve. 

10. You can also use them in a game capacity, memory or association games, snap or role play. Our kids just like holding them, especially the cards they get most pleasure from, like the family or treats card. Please go to my instagram feed for ideas of how to use them. Routine for kids instagram feed